Vocational Training & Inocme Generation Programmes:
It was from 2005 we gradually restricted our activities to women and children and especially the education of the children. It was in 2007 with the help of a benefactor we could buy 1.34 acres of land and construct a 3 storied (Ground floor + 2 storey) building sufficient for 100 children. The building was complete in 2008 and during the same year, we admitted 30 boys whom we sent to the elementary school. Later we admitted girls also in our Children Home.
Assistance for Formal & Non-Formal Education:
Community Development Training Programmes:
After the occurrence of Tsunami we provided about 300 fishermen families immediate relief and distributed rice, pulses, utensils and bed-sheets and light blankets is 4 villages. We undertook a survey and helped them to obtain fishing nets and repair of their boats. 
To form women groups and introduce saving among themselves and later initiated internal lending among themselves. Gradually we provided them matching grants and loans by means of which the women undertook various income generation progammes. 
Assistance to the Tsunami Victims:
The general activities were
Women & Children Education:
We have provided tuition and guidance to the school children at Lourdes High School by providing remuneration to the low-salary-drawn unaided school teachers. We ran two boarding homes one at K.C. Works and another at Guntur.

As part of our non-formal education program we ran special schools (the so-called Balahithaschools) for child-labourers in agricultural andindustrial sectors and children working in cotton and ginning mills and children working in village level working units and small hotels and shops. We ran 8 schools in 6 villages for a duration of 6 years. 

MRWS Past Activities

We have provided vocational training for women and youth. Once they equipped themselves with the required skills they undertook some economic generation activities. Under vocational training they were provided skills on radio, T.V. mechanism and mixi and other electronic home appliances. We gave them training in stitching Rexene and canvas bags, units on footwear, brooms, leaf-plate making, rope twinning, tailoring etc. We have established 3 main handloom production centers and sales outlets in 6 towns.

​We have also provided matching loans and grants for milch cattle, petty shops, brick-making, vegetable growing and  so on. We could get matching loan from Rastriya Mahila Koshe (a semi-government body ) for about 450 beneficiaries to the tune of Rs. 1,000,000/-. Besides we could provide matching loans for about 500 other beneficiaries to undertake various income generation units for women in about 14 Mandals of our district Guntur. 
We have provided awareness camps in health(including AIDS/HIV). Orientation in nutrition, hygiene, environmental cleanliness, water management, importance of individual toilets and so on. The women worked for forestation by planting trees. 
MRWS was renowned in 1992, actual works were undertaken only me Fr. A. Showraiah was relieved from the diocesan social service society as its executive director. We ran a school for mentally retarded for duration of 2 years. But seeing that there were already 2 other prominent organizations working for the mentally retarded, we having got amended the rules and regulations of the society have switched on other socio-economic development of the people.