It is since 6 years that when the incoming funds have reduced we are forced to appeal to the people round our children home which is commonly known as Aasramam. Since then many individuals as well as some groups have come forward to provide the required needs especially that of food, clothing (new or used), books, cosmetics such as soaps, tooth bruses, tooth paste, reading and writing materials.

The people are so generous and are concerned that they give our children meals or snacks on auspicious days such as their birthdays, marriage days or other occasions. Some of them provide us the required things such as rice, oils, other food items etc. As a matter of fact when the incoming financial assistance from outside has dwindled at one stage we thought of closing the children home. But due to the generous assistance of the people round here that we are able to run this home.    
People in our locality help the Children:
The need met by this Children Home:
We know that every child is born with some inherent characteristics, attitudes, abilities and aptitudes. Later the child is gradually drawn itself into a specific socio-economic and emotional environment through its encounter with the parents first and later their relatives and then people round and are lead into either a successful or disgraceful life depending on their sociological exposure and livelihood. This, their societal encounter with the people in the society has lasting impression on their lives as children and later as grownups.  If they encounter an adverse social unwanted inequality and communal intolerance, that affect their innocent lives are very badly ruin their bright future.
In some such families when the parents go on continuously quarrelling and abusing each other and mostly the husbands after heavy drinking batter their wives and the wives in return go on abusing their husbands.  Due to lack of love and peace such parents soon get themselves separated from one another and tend to invite another partner (who may be already married and separated or even having their own children). In such situation the children’s condition would be like that of falling from pan into oven. These new step-partners that enter the house neglect the children and some even harass the children and make them work as child labourers. 

The type of Children in the Home here:  
The main activity we undertake at present is running of a children home. This home is called, ‘St. Faustina’s Bala Sadhan’ was started in 2008 in a newly build building constructed for this purpose. Though initially it was built for catering to the needs of only boys after 2 years as per the felt need and opinion of the main donor and wish of the executive body members we started admitting girls too. This home is meant for 100 children with all the infrastructural facilities.

Gradually the number of children has been reduced due to paucity of funds. During this scholastic year (2016-17) we have just 32 children from age group 6 to 15 years. The elementary school children who normally are from the age group of 6 to 12 years attend the school located just 250 meters away from here on foot and the high school children who normally are from age group of 11 to 16 attend Lourdes high school 3km away from here. The high-school children, some of them go by their cycles and some on auto rickshaws.  Normal ratio of the boys and girls are 3:2.    

MRWS Present Activities

We admit children irrespective of their caste and creed. A few of the children are orphans and a majority of them are the children of single parents. There are a few children whose parents are severely ill (such HIV/AIDs, T. B etc.). These parents/grandparents/care-takers find it very difficult to keep these children in their homes and send them to school and educate them in their own villages.

In the case of some children their parents mostly being agricultural labourers migrate to other places in search of work and their children are forced to accompany them. Due to this their studies are affected and as a consequence they lose interest in their studies and lag behind. In case of children of single parents, the brothers or sisters of the single parents tend to make use of these children for work either at home or elsewhere on daily wage basis. Automatically such children lack real love at home tend to run away from home and turn out to be street children and further some of them get themselves entangled with some anti-social groups/elements.
It is in this context our children home plays a crucial role to evade such adverse consequences in the lives of such children. Here in this our Children’s Home we try to enrich the children through inculcating positive values, academic qualitative education and a life according to the values of the Kingdom and thus save them as well as the society at large. We see to it that they have a happy and useful childhood and positive sociological values which enables them for a better and successful future.