St. Faustina Bala Sadhan

This is the name of our Children Home. This children home was established in 2008. This is meant for 100 children (boys and girls). The children are from the district of Guntur. We admit here destitute children who are orphans, semi-orphans (having single parent the partner is either died or separated) or the children of severely ill parent(s). We admit children irrespective of caste and creed. 
Such children are normally neglected by the parents more so when the new partner don’t like them. The children are neglected and their studies are not at all the priority of such neglected parents. They normally are forced to work at home or elsewhere and may not attend the school regularly and lag behind in studies and prone to drop out of school at an early age. In case of some parents who migrate to other places where take the children also are accompanied to the workplace and consequently their studies suffer. Once such children lack care and concern at home, in the course of time they run away from home and turn out to be street children. 

​As street children they get befriended with other children from whom they learn bad habits such as smoking, drugs and other bad habits. In the course of time such children get entangled with antisocial elements that disturb peace and serenity round them. Some of the children join factionist groups and sometimes even hired to plot and take away the lives of some people. 
It is for such children we have this home where they not only have qualitative education but also happy childhood and Kingdome based formation.
The children are from age group of 6 to 16 years studying 1 to 10 classes. The children stay here and are provided good food, clothing, books, study material etc.  They have supervised tutored study in the morning and evening. They have out-door and in-door games facilities and provision for extracurricular activities.
The high-school children (6 to 10 classes) go to Our Lady of Lourdes 3 km. away from here. They go to school and come back home by 2 autos and some by their cycles. The elementary children go to elementary school located just 250 meters away from here. The go to school by foot.